SUMMIT COUNSELING began with Matt Levine’s experience as a licensed clinical social worker, specialized in treating children with behavioral problems.

Matt taps into a young person’s interests and strengths to motivate positive behavior change and improve self-esteem, while also identifying the underlying causes of their life difficulties.

A fundamental part of Matt’s therapy is to incorporate parents in the most effective ways possible to strengthen the parent-child relationship, resulting in faster, long-lasting change.

Matt Levine was trained at the Yale Child Study Center where he received parent management training for children with attention and behavioral problems.

He uses a holistic approach, incorporating natural supports and untapped positive environmental resources into his client’s life.

He uses CBT, Trauma Focused-CBT, behavioral activation, and mindfulness therapies in his practice.

Individual Therapy and Counseling

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Family Therapy

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Special Educational Needs

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Case Management

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