Helping you to find your best self

Individual Therapy and Counseling

Learn more about our individual or personal counseling and therapy. Designed to fit your specific needs.

We take into account your goals and your context to assist you in setting realistic objectives and making sure you are satisfied with your results.

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Family Therapy

There are moments when the stresses of the outside world combined with the stresses of day-to-day life make family relations suffer.

Family is the refuge of the human heart and a place of reference for life. We help you to reinforce this sacred part of your existence.

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Special Educational Needs

There are many different cases in which you or your child might need help developing strategies to succeed in academic life. Not just ADHD, autism, or Aspberger’s; sometimes people fall outside of the most-diagnosed categories.

At Summit, we want to help you or your children get on the right track to achieve academic success and satisfaction.

Case Management

At Summit we can also assist in your case management needs.